A downloadable game for Windows


The Wanderer is an unfinished post apocalyptic survival game. Explore the procedurally generated world, collect ammunition and food and weapons, fight off hordes of ghouls and your own hunger.

This game is absolutely unfinished, it's missing many aspects that make something a "game". I hope you enjoy what there is to enjoy.

I would not suggest making a donation in order to download this software and therefore I've disables payments. If you can not be persuaded to save your money maybe consider a charity?

WASD to move

Space for action

F to eat food

R to reload

Mouse to aim and fire.

F1 for further commands and help.

Install instructions

1. Download and unpack the zip

2. If you don't already have it, install Visual C++ runtime package. I've included the files but feel free to download them from the microsoft website if you don't trust me.

3. Play game.

4. Enjoy game?

5. Mod game? (most of the assets are just txt and png files.)


The Wanderer Pre Pre Alpha Build 31 MB